Great Big Grocery Coupon Idea

Straight from my brain to the internet – how about a new app for grocery shopping and using coupons?  Not just for gathering coupons but a budgeting tool.  With my target price list for common grocery list items, gauge whether or not you’re getting a good deal.

I’m a new coupon lover and stay-home mom.  Coupons help us save money every week.  We actually get 25%-30% more food each month by using coupons.  I got started with a bulk order from a coupon clipping service ( with their handy wish list tool.  Building up a stock of coupons was a great way to get the ball rolling if you are interested in couponing.  A list of target prices is my guide for when to buy or wait.  I’m not a computer programmer or mobile app designer, but if you are I’d love to hear from you.  Imagine a mobile app that provides on-the-go price checking against a database of grocery items and price history.  Are you capable of creating a mobile app tool like this?  Want to help me with this?  Drop me a line…

These days my shopping sprees are usually at the grocery store; sad but true.  It’s also true that you can get a rush from scoring free stuff by stacking up the deals (i.e., store sale price – coupon = FREE!).  When it comes to the common BOGO lover, using coupons can be like a BOGO sale every day – it’s up to you to find the right deal using sales flyers and weekly coupons.   My rule of thumb is if it’s under $1/each, it’s probably a good deal.  Find a coupon and make it less than $1/ea and you have yourself a GREAT deal.  Common dairy items and canned goods can be less than $0.50/ea if you’re a good sale hunter.

Last month was my first month using coupons to this extreme.  I spent about $25 bucks on the coupon clipping service and saved about $100 on groceries – and I still have plenty of coupons left.  I haven’t had to buy anymore coupons either.  Although it sure is a convenient way gather coupons because they do all the work, it’s easy enough to keep up with just the Sunday paper coupons.  I set aside a few hours each weekend to clip coupons, sort them by category, check for soon-to-expire coupons, search sales flyers and build a grocery list.  After I got a couple of bulk grocery shopping trips in at the beginning of February, the subsequent trips have been less and less.

If this so-called “Great Big Grocery Coupon Idea” of mine interests you, consider commenting below.  Thanks!!!



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